Property Management Testimonials


It is our aim to provide stress free property management and therefore providing you with better investment property ownership. Here is what some of our clients have had to say about our service.

Testimonials from multiple owners in both residential and commercial.

Testimonial 1.

" I am truly sorry that you are leaving. I have spoken with two other agents in the city and you had inspired the most confidence in me that you would secure the right kind of tenant for the right rental amount.  You responded quickly to any inquiry that I made and your enthusiasm for my project with this apartment made me want to do business with you I felt that prospective tenants would feel the same way which is exactly what i needed I am aware  from an independent source that you have supplied other tenants to the Rex ( building ) in quick order. I must say that the impression you made upon me is sufficient for me to want to find someone else from (XX) to take over what you were going to do for me on the condition that whoever it is can impress me as sufficiently as you have.. "

Owner: A Robinson. Owner Location: Out of Area. Property Location: City CBD

Testimonial 2.

"Nicole has managed our property in The Tower for the past several months. During that time she has attended to every problem promptly and shown imagination and initiative in marketing the property when it has been untenanted which has resulted in a minimum of rental income down-time. I have no hesitation in recommending her for any job in the real estate industry. I will greatly miss dealing with Nicole." -

Owner: MP Hinchcliff. Owner Location: Out of Area. Property Location: City CBD

Testimonial 3.

" Sorry to hear that you're leaving (XX),. its been a absolute delight to having you manage our property. Good luck with your new endeavours. Thank you for taking that extra effort and attention to detail. If you should ever need a reference we're happy to provide one. Let us know where you land.

Owner: V & M Jureta.  Owner Location: Singapore. Property Location: CBD







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