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Did you know? More than 600 Brisbane and Gold Coast property investors this year will make the switch to Only Property Management.

Why?Because over a staggering 82% of serious investment property owners are realising and agreeing that it is best to use a real estate agency that Only deals in Property Management. A normal real estate agency focuses their energy on selling properties but all we do at Only Property Management is manage investors properties.

When you focus on only one thing day after day you get really, really good at it.


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At Only Property Management you get the benefit of having professional rental property managers manage your property. We only deal with property management including residential property management, commercial property management and strata management. Unlike normal real estate agencies who focus all their energy on selling properties and who treat their rental properties as a side line, all we do at Only Property Management is manage properties and we manage them well. We focus on only one part of real estate and we are experts at what we do and we know we do it better, because our industry tells us so.

Choose Only Property Management because we have:

1. An excellent reputation

2. Each property manager has been chosen because of their experience and results

3. Excellent management fees

4. We don't overload our property managers with too many properties

5. We have a team available 24/7 for emergencies from burst hot water tanks, electrical problems and broken windows. Our team of expert tradesman have been chosen because they are available 24/7 and are contactable for your peace of mind.

To speak with an experienced property manager today use the contact form. We look forward to helping you with an questions you may have. We are happy to offer advice even if you are not a client of ours.

Rental Property Management

Rental property management involves actually looking after a property for the owner, not the other way around. As leading real estate agents we do the following for the property owner and we do it all without stressing out the owner.

1. We do an extensive tenant application including back ground checks and reference checks making sure that the tenant selected is able and capable of paying the rent and they will look after the property as much as possible. We have industry leading systems that help us identify quality tenants and the not so desirable tenants. Our expert staff are trained in asking the right questions and in doing the correct checks on all tenant applications. All whilst remembering that we are the ones that have to deal with the tenants on a day to day basis.

2. We minimise the time that a property is for rent by advertising in the right mediums including the newspaper and the Internet. No longer is it good enough just to put a crappy ad in the paper or on the Internet. Tenants look for quality properties and they base this on the quality of the ad and medium that the property is appearing in. Our ads are large and detailed, well designed and they stand out from the crowd. The property ad also includes as much information as possible so the tenant can get a good impression of your property.  Also as we are experts in SEO and Internet advertising so our properties are seen by many more people than by any of the competition. We have affiliations with other web based businesses which promote our properties to the public making our company in a better position to rent your property out quicker, saving the investor much time and money.

We use also the industry leading real estate websites to advertise your property to the public. As experts in rental property management we make sure your property is seen by the quality people looking for a rental property just like yours.


Our Difference

Not only do we have great staff and employ industry leading staff management practices, but we are also experienced experts who give you the best result for your dollar and we are property investors ourselves so we know exactly what kind of service you are looking for. Why would you want to use a real estate agent that focuses its efforts on selling when you can get the best results when you use a specialist rental property manager that is Only Property Management. Every year hundreds of investment property owners realise that the best agent to manage their rental property is not their local real estate agent but a specialist property manager who has the experience and expertise earned from being a specialist in their field, a real estate property management specialist.

Just a small selection of companies that Only Property Management Property Managers have had experience with: Hard Rock Cafe International, Oakley, Cult Surf wear just to name a few. They use the best, why don't you?

Our  property managers are looking forward to helping you with your  investment property - Property Management.



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