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Your Specialist:

1. We are a specialist property management company. Unlike a standard real estate agency, who's core business is selling houses but whom have a property management office on the side, our core business is only property management. With multiple years of rental management experience from residential to commercial and executive properties, we are experts in the property management field.

Your Advertising:

2. We use larger signage to present your property better and to give your property maximum tenant inquiry.
3. We do extensive advertising on the internet and if need be, in the local newspapers getting your property in front of the maximum amount of people as soon as possible.
4. We take more photos of your property so that perspective tenants see more of your property leading to higher inquiry rates.
5. We use an experienced copywriter for all advertisements helping your property to stand out, generating more inquiries.

Your Property Managers:

6. We only employ experienced, mature property managers that have received multiple testimonials from their past landlords.
7. We have extensive training in all facets of property management as well as training of the Do's and Dont's of tenant selection and any current scams in the industry.
8. We are up to date in all of the laws and legislation changes in property management.
9. We minimise staff turn over because of the excellent working conditions and generous above industry average pays. When we find a good property manager we reward them by paying them well. There is nothing worse than having a continues change over of underpaid, under preforming property managers looking after your property. We pay for experience, we don't want them to be learning on your properties.
10. We are so confident in our property managers that we use them for our own investment properties as well.

Your Tenant Selection:

11. We do an extensive interview process in which we ask for 100points of ID and the last 2 month of bank statements.
12. We not only check current and past tenancies we also make sure we talk to the property managers and if they are new, we speak to the director of the company.
13. We check current and past employers extensively.
14. We have special ways to check if they are good people or not - no other company that we are aware of in Australia does these checks!
15. We aways check references, even for the pets.
16. We do a drive by on their current premises, if local and if they are still in residence.
17. We us TICA for your peace of mind. We also list bad tenants on TICA.
18. We check their company record and history if they are self employed.

Your Extra Service:

19. We  conduct monthly drive by inspections on your property.
20. Our property managers have a cleaning kit with them on every inspection and if anything small needs to be picked up or dusted away, they are ready to do it.
21. We use every opportunity including inspections, garden care, tenant contacts and routine maintenance to be in contact with you as we understand the importance of keeping you informed of the condition of your investment property.
22. We not only do condition reports on your property but we also take multiple photos during each and every routine inspection.
23. Prior to any open home inspection we will make sure that every light is working in the home and we can replace* ones on the spot if they are not. *conditions apply such as access, ladders and light globe types.
24. Also prior to the open home we make sure that the property smells fresh, and if it doesn't the property managers air the home out and if that doesn't work they have products on hand.

Your Tradesmen:

25. We  use a team of reliable, trustworthy tradesmen whom have proven themselves to do good work at reasonable prices.
26. The team is available 24/7.

Your Management Fees:

27. We charge a cost effect all in one management fee.

Your Tenants:

28. We  maintain an  up to date database of prospective tenants.
29. If we have good tenants leave a property of ours, we aim to place them in another property that we manage.
30. All tenants are on direct debit for quicker and easier payments for all.

Your Rental Payments:

31. We only accept rental payments thru the payment gateway that is linked to the reporting system. This allows us to know the minute the tenants are over due.
32. We pay to your nominated bank account every month.
33. We can pay any account that is related to your property including the accountants fees along with the usual property rates and accounts.

Your Rental Reports:

33. We send out a report to your accountant and yourself every month. You benefit by having all your documents at your accountants already at the time of tax returns and BAS to be lodged.
34. We pay to your nominated bank account every month via direct deposit.

Only Property Management Reputation:

35. We have an excellent reputation amongst real estate agencies with the cream of the crop property managers approaching us for employment.
36. We have an excellent reputation amongst builders, whom recommend our services to their investment property purchasers on a daily basis.
37. Only Property Management and our property managers have a wonderful reputation for providing hassle free property management.
38. We maximise the return thru quicker lease times, rental increases, minimising damage to properties and by having cost effective repairs when needed through our team of tradesmen.
To take advantage of our great service and get the many things that we do that our competators have no idea about or have every started to us via the Contact Form.

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